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CFUW has partnered with VIA Rail Canada to provide our members with a 5% discount every time they travel using VIA Rail. This 5 % discount is for all destinations, and all fare categories, with the exception of the Escape fare, and the Prestige Fare, on the Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver train). This discount applies to both your leisure and business travels. You can have up to 3 people (friends, family, colleagues) travelling with that can also benefit from the discount, as long as you are travelling with them.

To receive the 5% discount the next time you travel with VIA Rail, use the following Discount Code when booking: 811167. You will need to provide proof of CFUW membership (member card) along with photo identification when you pick up your tickets or when you are boarding with an electronic ticket. If you do not have a membership card, you can print one off and fill it out at this link here

If you would like to ensure that you receive this discount every time you travel, simply go online at and create a profile. In your profile, you will be asked to select a discount type. Select “corporate rate’’ and enter our six digit corporate number: 811167. Find additional instructions for creating a VIA Rail profile here.

*Please make sure you use the discount every time you travel with VIA Rail. The more your discount code is used the higher our discount will get.

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