Executive Members’ Manuals

Executive Resource Guide

This electronic resource allows easy access to CFUW related websites. We encourage you to save it to your desktop as a reference guide. It also includes useful checklists for End of Term and National AGM’s.

To get the Resource Guide Click Here.

RD Tool Kit

The purpose of the RD Tool Kit is:

  • To help RDs understand their role and responsibilities
  • To identify what resources are available to do their jobs and where to find them/who to talk to;
  • To present the information in a simple, concise format.

Get the RD Tool Kit Click Here.

President’s Handbook

This document is an aid to Club Presidents and can be a useful tool for others interested in understanding the role better.

Get the Handbook Click Here.

Club in a Bag USB drive

The “Club in a bag USB Drive” documents are gathered here to help Club Presidents update their USB drive each year.

To view and update the USB files please Click Here.

New Beginnings Survey

To view the New Beginning Survey, please Click Here.

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