Universal Pharmacare

It is time to take action towards a Universal Pharmacare plan! We encourage your club to join us in supporting a publicly funded and financially sustainable drug plan that would cover prescription drug costs for all Canadians.

In 2017, CFUW made it one of our resolutions to urge the federal, provincial and territorial governments of Canada to deliver a Universal Pharmacare plan. Canada already has a Universal Healthcare system, however it does not cover Canadians for any necessary prescription medications. Going forward in 2018, the federal government has not yet committed to delivering a Universal Pharmacare plan despite the vast research underlining the social and economic benefit to such a program. It is beneficial for the federal government to include Universal Pharmacare as a part of their budget.

What can you do about it?

We encourage clubs and members to participate in a TownHall meeting organized by Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone. A great opportunity for members to express their concerns and positions about Universal Pharmacare. RSVP for a TownHall meeting in your region.

CFUW plans to continue supporting the campaign for Universal Pharmacare and we invite you to do the same! If you haven’t already, you can write a letter to your MP to add your voice and support the campaign for Universal Pharmacare. English letter template available here.

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