Proposed Resolutions

2022 Proposed Resolutions

We are pleased to announce that the Resolutions Committee has received 6 proposed resolutions for the 2021-2022 year. 

  1. Archiving Selected Policies I – CFUW Advocacy Committee
  2. Archiving Selected Policies II – CFUW Advocacy Committee
  3. Strengthening Employment Equity -CFUW Nelson & District 
  4. Tightening Bail Laws to Protect Victims of Intimate Partner Violence – UWC North York
  5. Violence against Women in Politics – CFUW Oakville
  6. A Clean, Healthy & Sustainable Environment is a Human Right – CFUW Headwaters

En français:

  1. Archivage de certaines politiques I – Comité de défense des intérêts de la FCFDU
  2. Archivage de certaines politiques II – Comité de défense des intérêts de la FCFDU
  3. Renforcer l’équité en matière d’emploi – FCFDU Nelson et district
  4. Renforcer les lois sur la mise en liberté sous caution pour protéger les victimes de violence conjugale – Club des femmes de l’université de North York
  5. La violence contre les femmes en politique – FCFDU Oakville
  6. Un environnement propre, sain et durable est un droit humain – FCFDU Headwaters

Amendments Guidelines

Amendments should be designed to make a better resolution. Please use a separate form for each Resolution Amendment. Email your Amendments by April 15th to Charlotte Akin  [email protected] and to Grace Hollett [email protected] who will acknowledge receipt and forward to Proposers. If Clubs do not receive confirmation that their amendments have been received they should re-contact [email protected]; and [email protected]. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Deadline for receipt of amendments is April 15. No PDF documents can be considered.

Questions/More Information:

For any questions about the resolutions process please contact, Grace Hollett, Chair of the Resolutions Committee at [email protected] or the National Office at a[email protected]

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