National Early Learning & Child Care Campaign

Contact Your Local MP Ahead of the 2017 Federal Budget!

Childcare has long been an issue of concern for CFUW. Since 1972 we have been advocating for further investment, further structure and support for a national child care system.

This is an issue for CFUW because when women shoulder unpaid childcare work, as they most often do, they sacrifice full participation in the labour force, resulting in poverty and widening wage gap. Canada needs an affordable, accessible child care system.

The Liberal Government has allocated $500 million in this Budget to establish a National Framework on Early Learning and Child Care, beginning in 2017-2018.

We want that framework to be more than just a cheque to families. We are launching a campaign to demonstrate the great need for a full child care system, so that when the Federal Government goes to negotiate with the provinces, our voices are heard.

National Office is going to be lobbying at the national level to Ministers, MPs and with like-minded NGOs to have our position heard. But we need CLUBS to take action and convince their local representative as well! That’s why we have created the following Child Care: Stories from our Community campaign.

CFUW clubs are encouraged to gather stories about child care from members, friends, family and the community. Clubs can then put these stories into a template, to demonstrate the lived experience of people who could not access adequate childcare, and the consequences of the limited access.

Local Advocacy

CFUW clubs can write letters to their local Member of Parliament AND their local M.P.P./M.L.A./M.H.A. Send them a letter and attach your local child care stories, as well as the CFUW Child Care Handout, which outlines our position.

Read the Child Care Fact Sheet (EN) (FR) to get background information on child care in Canada. Not to be sent to representatives.


CFUW National hosted a webinar on May 25, 2016, to go over the materials and the child care project. You can access the PowerPoint presentation from that webinar here.

Reminder: Clubs are only to contact their local representatives. It is only appropriate to write to a Minister if that Minister represents your riding.

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