Introducing FundScrip- the simplest way to raise money for your club

FundScrip is a fundraising program for nonprofits that would enable your club to meet fundraising goals through an easy-to-manage gift card program. It is designed to allow your club to raise funds simply by encouraging members to shop at their regular stores with gift cards instead of cash/debit/credit. Supporters order gift cards to participating retailers and when they purchase these gift cards, the nonprofit receives a 2%-13% rebate. Gift cards are sold to members and supporters at face value. There are over 227 retailers from categories including groceries, gas, pharmacy, home improvement, department store, restaurants, pizza, coffee shops, household items, clothing stores, movies & books, travel, and more.

When: Thursday, October 26th at 2:00pm EST (1 hour)

What: This webinar will provide additional information about the program and let you hear from clubs who have been using the fundraising model for years.


Mary Ann Roscoe, CFUW Sudbury. Mary Ann’s club has been using FundScrip for the past 6 years and they are currently working on a campaign to raise $5,000 using the shopping card program.

Claudine Thompson, FundScrip Coach. Claudine has worked with various non-profits, school groups, and clubs to use this program and she will be able to provide details as to the best program type for your club and tips for maximizing fundraising efforts.

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