Human Trafficking

CFUW has long advocated for research, legislative reform, and effective programs/services to address and abolish the trafficking of women and girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation/enforced prostitution.

CFUW has also called on the Government of Canada to amend the Criminal Code of Canada so that prostituted persons are no longer subject to criminal charges, but rather that the purchase of sexual services is prohibited. We have further asked that provincial, territorial and municipal governments of Canada fund essential support services in order to enable prostituted persons to earn a living free from prostitution.

Sweden implemented this model in 1999, and according to government figures, street prostitution has been cut in half. Compared to Denmark where the purchase is legal, Sweden’s street prostitution is far less than Denmark’s even though Denmark’s total population is 5.5 million while Sweden’s total population is much larger at 9.3 million. (Source: See Ekberg and Raymond below.)

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