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Gun Control/Long Gun Registry


The long gun registry has been an effective and efficient public safety tool and linked very closely to violence against women. In the 1990’s, CFUW was at the forefront of the fight to establish strong gun laws in Canada. We have worked in coalition with other women’s groups, public health, safety associations, and unions through the Coalition of Gun Control to retain the gun registry. After legislation came into effect, CFUW was among the groups that worked with government to set up regulations for the registry. In 2009-2010 CFUW and its member Clubs successfully fought to save the registry, by calling on Members of Parliament to defeat Bill C-391. In 2011 the Government of Canada again introduced a bill to eliminate the Long Gun Registry; Bill C-19. Along with other members of the Coalition for Gun Control, CFUW wrote several letters and submissions to the House of Commons and the Senate in an attempt to save the registry, however we were unsuccessful in our efforts; the long gun registry has now been eliminated.

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