Environment & Climate Change


CFUW has long advocated for the preservation and stewardship of the environment. We believe that the responsibility for environmental protection must occur on both a personal and collective level. This is why CFUW has called on various levels of governments to develop and support programs to educate adults and children about the gravity of environmental problems by clearly outlining the consequences of resource depletion, the degradation of natural systems, the dangers of pollution and the destruction of fragile ecosystems.

CFUW is concerned with the gendered impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. We believe that gender sensitive approaches and women’s participation are essential to address environmental problems. Click here to access a CFUW infographic on women & climate change.

Over the years our environmental advocacy efforts have focused on a variety of issues, including, Climate Change & Green House Gas Emissions, Endangered ecosystem protection (e.g. wetland preservation), Mining and more. See the Policy Book for a full list of adopted resolutions on environmental issues. 

Climate Change & Green House Gas Emissions

CFUW recognizes that climate change poses a serious threat to life on earth, particularly for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Island nations, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and the vast majority of the world’s population that live near rising sea levels, will all experience dramatic changes to where they can live, grow food and have access to fresh water.

On numerous occasions, CFUW has urged the Government of Canada to take vigorous and meaningful action to mitigate climate change.

Canada’s failure to meet its international commitments on climate change, particularly those made in Kyoto and its obstruction to progress at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Copenhagen, Cancun, and Durban have caused international dismay. Canada needs to work with the global community to mitigate the effects of climate change within its borders and abroad. This includes finding adaptive technologies that it can share with more vulnerable countries.

CFUW urges the Government of Canada to create a national climate change action plan and reaffirm its commitments to signed international agreements (e.g. Kyoto, Paris).

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