Biteable Training Session: Learn how to use this online video maker to create short videos for your club

Biteable is an online, easy-to-use video maker that allows people to simply plug in content and have animated and dynamic videos created for them. CFUW has signed up for one year subscription with. This program will allow your club to easily create promotional and educational videos that you can share amongst your members, use for presentations, and post to social media. Utilize the CFUW subscription to access additional templates, enhanced features, and customizability to your videos.

When: Friday, November 17th, 12:30 EST (45 Min)

What: This webinar will instructions as to how to log on to CFUW’s Biteable account as well as training on how you can develop and publish promotional, educational, and social videos for your club to use

Who: Nadia Ramundo and Slavena Kiryakova, CFUW Montreal

Nadia and Slavena have been creating videos with Biteable for CFUw Montreal. Check out this example video that they created for World Human Trafficking Day:

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