Advocacy 101

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  • CFUW Advocacy Toolbox
  • CFUW Advocacy Town Hall 2020

CFUW Advocacy Toolbox

The CFUW Advocacy Toolbox is an ever-evolving collection of handouts, guides and power points to help you, both as a member of CFUW and as an individual, to tackle issues that concern you.

CFUW Advocacy Town Hall

CFUW encourages its members to use their passion and expertise to bring about change. There are innumerable social issues impacting women and girls right now that require awareness and action!

On November 4, 2020 the National President, VP Advocacy and the Advocacy Coordinator, along with 50 CFUW members, came together for town hall discussion on how to bring about change as a member of CFUW, the current CFUW priorities, the CFUW advocacy structure, and a Q&A session.

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