Policy Book

Our Policy Book consists of resolutions passed since 1964 by the CFUW.

These resolutions are developed by clubs to respond to public policy concerns that align with our mission. Once the resolutions have been adopted at Annual General Meetings, they are indexed and placed in the Policy Book for future reference.

These policy resolutions ultimately form the framework for our action and advocacy.

Access the Policy Book 1964-2020.

In a small database like the Policy Book that has evolved over a number of years, it is best to think in general terms rather than specific. For example, ‘day care’ has become ‘child care’ and is now ‘early learning and child care’. Our policies in this subject area can be found in the “Children” section of the Policy Book. The language used to describe various environmental issues has also evolved over the years. Some of our older policies for example, deal with ‘pollution’ and the ‘ozone layer’ while our newer policies seek to address ‘climate change’ and “global warming”. In this case, all of these policies can be found in the “Environment” section under “Environment ” Air”.

If you have difficulty accessing or searching the policy book, please contact National Office at cfuwadvocacy@rogers.com

100 Years of CFUW Advocacy

At the CFUW 100th Anniversary celebration in 2019, Cheryl Ambrose, then VP Advocacy, took us through 100 years of national resolutions. Click here to view this presentation.

CFUW Resolutions and Correspondance 1919 to 1965

CFUW is thrilled to present our members with a historical document which gives a glimpse into the advocacy done by our CFUW predecessors. Long buried in the National Archives, CFUW National uncovered these documents, many of them handwritten, had them transcribed and indexed so that our members could benefit from their insight. You can access this exceptional document here.

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