The 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project Update #3

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) has supported women’s studies since its founding in 1919. To celebrate the CFUW’s 100th Anniversary, the local and national levels of CFUW have as their goal the provision of an additional $100,000 in scholarships and awards in 2019.

We are well on our way! The successful fundraising pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago of our immediate Past President Susan Murphy and Club contributions including generous donations from CFUW Oakville and CFUW Mississauga have increased donations to the CFUW Charitable Trust to over $30,000. These monies have been invested in the Charitable Trust’s investment portfolio and will continue to grow until awarded in 2019. Future commitments of funds to the Charitable Trust (not yet included in the preceding amount) total an additional $11,400.

Several Clubs are planning awards which will be given locally and that total is reported at a further $14.000.

Donations given and committed, for local and national awards in 2019, now total over $63,000.

New Logo

The CFUW 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project Committee now has a beautiful logo. We have worked with Beverly Boudreau, UWC Winnipeg, to create this logo which will be seen on all our internal communications. We thank Beverly for her generous donation of time and talent.

The original CFUW 100th Anniversary logo is in the centre of the newly created CFUW 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project logo. The colours are bold and vibrant – red for excitement and high energy linking to our dynamic and stimulating organization; green for nature associating with renewal and growth; blue for dependability and commitment representing our commitment to improve the lives of girls and women; and warm yellow for warmth and vitality which aligns with our desire to be a friendly, inviting and approachable organization.

The ten silhouettes of young women also represent the variety of applicants who receive support from our National Fellowship program and our local Club Award programs. Each silhouette is a marker for the progress of the fundraising for 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project. Each silhouette represents $10,000 raised and/or committed to scholarships and awards given in 2019, our anniversary year. The phrase over the mortar boards highlights the bilingual nature of both our Clubs and the award programs. Clubs and Councils across Canada are continuing to discuss their 100th Anniversary activities now.

Please let the Committee know what you are planning as soon as possible by identifying your anticipated activities and awards and sending any questions to the 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project Leader, Lynn Franklin, by email at [email protected]. May 2015

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