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Reflections from CFUW’s Intern Katelin Zaurin

CFUW’s Fall intern Katelin Zaurin from Saint Paul University in Ottawa has prepared an article reflecting on her time at our office:

“Hi, my name is Katelin! I’m a writer, editor, and I am currently in my last year of undergraduate studies at Saint Paul University in Social Communications. I am a passionate advocate for human rights, particularly women’s and children’s rights, with an interest in media, awareness, and communications. Interning these past fourth months at CFUW has been an incredible learning experience. My time with CFUW has allowed me not only to apply my knowledge of communications to great causes but has also given me a valuable understanding of the systematic structures in which the world operates. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I’ve received as an intern for CFUW. I look forward to continuing my academic career and advocating for human rights in the future by spreading awareness.”

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