Nominations and Election Process 2018-2020


The Nominations Committee is calling for nominations for all positions on the CFUW Board and all Regional Director positions for the next biennium. Nominations will be accepted from FEBRUARY 1 to FEBRUARY 28, 2020.

Any member who is qualified and interested is asked to:

              1. Review the Job Description for the position
              2. Complete the correct Application Form
              3. Ask a Club to nominate her, and have an executive member complete the Nominations Form
              4. Send the completed forms, with a resume and the names/contact information of two references to the following:

Grace Stapleton, Co- Chair CFUW Nominations Committee,; 709-754-6065
Madeline Kalbach, Co-Chair CFUW Nominations Committee,
Robin Jackson, CFUW Executive Director,

At the end of the Nominations Period, the names of the Board nominees will be posted on the CFUW website.

The elections for the Regional Directors will take place at the relevant Regional Council AGMs, or at meetings called for that purpose.

The election of the President and other Board members will take place at the CFUW AGM in June.

Attached Documents:

The CFUW Board Job Descriptions

The Application Form for a CFUW Board position

The Application Form for Regional Director positions

The Application Form for B.C. RDs

The Nomination Form (to be completed by nominating clubs)

The Elections Procedures

CFUW Byalws

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