Articles and Bylaws Amendment Procedure and Forms

The first step of the CFUW Articles and Bylaws amendment process has been completed. The Articles and Bylaws Committee (the Committee) received one (1) proposal to amend the bylaws. This proposal has been vetted and accepted by the Committee.

The second step is the distribution of the proposed amendment. Click this link to find the amendment, regarding E-Membership, and its rationale for consideration. If during your consideration of the material, you have questions or inquiries you wish to make, these must be sent in writing to the Chair of the Articles and Bylaws Committee to

The third step is the submission of Amendments to the proposed Bylaw Amendment. The due date for Amendments to the Amendment is April 15, 2019. The correct form (Form 2) must be used and submitted on or before this date to Form 2, along with the procedures, may be found at this link here.

All Amendments to the Amendment will be forwarded to the proposers for consideration after being vetted by the Committee. The package of compliant amendments to the proposed amendment, along with the final wording of the Proposed Bylaw Amendment, will be distributed to the Clubs, Regional Directors and members of the Board of Directors before the AGM. If it is not possible, such material shall be distributed to members of the voting body on arrival at the AGM. At the AGM, only proposed Amendments to the Proposed Bylaw Amendment properly received and compliant will be allowed from the floor.

Lori Ker

Chair, Articles and Bylaws Committee

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