Annual General Meetings & Conferences 2017

AGM 2017 & Conference Documents

AGM 2016 Follow-up: CFUW 2016 AGM Minutes (.pdf)


The results of the votes taken at the 2017 AGM are found in the link below.

Please note that there are three spreadsheets which present the votes – Results by Questions, Participant Results and Graphical Results by Question which are found at the bottom of the page. The spreadsheet entitled Participant Results indicates how each club, board member, RD and Past President voted. The title of each vote is indicated in line 5 of the Participant Results. It should be noted that 1 means that the person voted for the motion; 2 means that the person voted against the motion.

Please note that Board members did not vote during the sessions they were chairing.

On the Participant Results spreadsheet, of particular interest will be the following votes:

  • column M – the bylaw ratification of the RD Standing Committee
  • column P – the GWI vote
  • column Q – the ratification of the board appointments
  • Column T -resolution 1: The Right to Safe, Clean, Accessible and Affordable Drinking Water and Sanitation on First Nations Reserves in Canada
  • Column U – resolution 2: Universal Pharmacare

Click here for the 2017 AGM Vote Results (pdf version)

2017 AGM Workshop Resources

An update on CFUW Studies

CFUW: The code of conduct and Ethics and the Respectful Treatment Policy

CFUW Advocacy

Creating Passages to Education for Indigenous youth:

CFUW in the Community: Marketing Ourselves for Growth

Social Media and Membership

CFUW Study Groups

CFUW In the World Today

Keynote speech and photos

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