Annual General Meetings & Conferences 2016

AGM 2016 Follow-up: CFUW 2016 AGM Minutes (.pdf)

JUNE 23-25, 2016

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) hosted its Annual General Meeting and Conference in St. Catharines from June 23 – 25 at Brock University. The Annual General Meeting from June 24 – 25 was divided into Plenary and Business sessions. Five new resolutions were adopted, the 2016/2017 budget was approved, and one change was made to the Articles and Bylaws – the addition of a Governance Committee.

Participants were also treated to a variety of social events and excursions during the four day event, including the opening reception on Thursday June 23, a play, a banquet, and excursions throughout the weekend.

Opening Reception

Thursday evening the opening reception was kicked off with welcome remarks from local leaders, followed by a speech by National President Doris Mae Oulton. Attendees heard from local MPP Jim Bradley, a representative of the local MP Chris Bittle, and City Councillor Sandie Bellows representing the Mayor. AGM Co-Chair Monique DeJonghe read greetings from the Chair of the Region of Niagara Alan Caslin and from Brock University President Jack Lightstone. The reception featured the musical talents of the drumming group Strong Water, Zhong Naibii Kwe.

Opening Speaker

Friday morning attendees heard from an amazing opening speaker – Dr. Bonnie Rose, Special Advisor to the President of Niagara University and former Executive Vice President at Niagara University.

Dr. Rose opened our AGM with an engaging presentation on the future of women leaders in Canada and the world. Attendees listened with great interest as Dr. Rose gave her insights into the future of education and female leadership.

Let Them Howl

On Thursday night several members of CFUW put on a play for the attendees of the AGM. “Let Them Howl” was the re-enacting of the famous “mock parliament” that featured Nellie McClung and her peers in the Political Equality League. This became the iconic beginning of enfranchisement for many women in Canada. CFUW members delighted in reliving this moment in history.

CFUW Workshops

Resolutions – Proposers and Amenders Workshop

Presented by Eleanor Scarth, Chair, Resolutions Committee

Articles and Bylaws Workshop
Presented by Myra Willis, Chair, Articles and Bylaws Committee

Proposers and Amenders Workshop
Presented by Eleanor Scarth, Resolutions Chair

Promoting Your Club: Innovations and Inspirations PPT
Worksheet (.doc>
Presented by Maddie Webb, CFUW Advocacy Coordinator

Leadership in Your Club PPT

Workshop Commentary to PowerPoint (PDF)

Presented by Brenda Robertson, VP Ontario

CFUW in the World PPT

Small Clubs, Big Results: Scholarships and Bursaries in the Atlantic Region

Presented by: Barbara Clancy, RD for Newfoundland and Labrador (2014-2016) and Grace Hollett, VP Atlantic

Presented by: Cheryl Hayles, VP International Relations, Chair, 100th Anniversary Committee and International Relations Committee

Life of a Resolution PPT
Handouts 1 / 2 / 3

Presented by: Teri Shaw, VP Advocacy and Chair, Advocacy Committee

Club Governance Workshop
Handouts 1 / 2 / 3

Presented by Karen Dunnett

Celebrating CFUW

Grace Stapleton and Cheryl Hayles gave presentations on Celebrating CFUW, including the Past Presidents project, UNCSW60, and the 100th Anniversary.

Nominations Committee Report

Grace Stapleton, Chair of the Nominations Committee gave her report. This year all Board of Directors’ and Regional Directors’ positions were open for nominations. The Committee received nominations from CFUW clubs across the country.

This year there were two nominations for the Board position of VP International Relations. Clubs voted and elected Cheryl Hayles to continue in this position for a second term. The committee received nominations for 17 out of the 18 Regional Director positions, however the position of RD for Ontario Huron remains empty.

Announcement of the 2016 – 2018 Regional Directors

Announcement of the 2016 – 2018 Board of Directors

Executive Director’s Address

Robin Jackson, Executive Director, reported on the work undertaken by the CFUW national office in support of the five strategic aims. In the areas of membership, scholarships/fellowships, building profile, advocacy and sustainability. The office has been hard at work to ensure services to Clubs, support the Board and Committees, find new efficiencies, and improve the effectiveness and visibility of the organization. You can access her presentation here.


Five resolutions were put forward for consideration at the AGM. They were:

  1. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Ending the Marginalization of Indigenous Women in Canadian Society
  2. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): Diagnosis, Intervention and Support Plan for Children, Adults and Families Affected by FASD
  3. To Strengthen the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada in its Mandate to Approve, Register and Monitor Pesticides, in a timely manner, as well as to protect the health of Canadians and the environment
  4. Electoral Reform: Changing the First Past the Post Electoral System to Proportional Representation in Canada
  5. Sustainable Development Goals, also known as Global Goals

All five resolutions passed. You can read the full resolutions here: English / French.

Resolutions for GWI

Three resolutions were put forward to be brought to the 2016 GWI Triennial Conference, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa in August. All three resolutions passed. You can read these resolutions in French and English here.

Changes to the Articles and Bylaws

New Governance Standing Committee

An Amendment to the CFUW Articles and Bylaws was put forward by the CFUW Board of Directors, and passed by the clubs. As such, the following changes were made to the Articles and Bylaws:

In F. Committees, 54. Governance was inserted after “Finance”.

The Articles and Bylaws now read:
F. Committees:

The following committees shall be designated Standing Committees of the Board: Advocacy, Articles and Bylaws, Education, Fellowships, Finance, Governance, International Relations, Nominations, and Resolutions.

Defeated Amendment – Withdrawal of CFUW from Graduate Women International (GWI) formerly known as International Federation of University Women (IFUW) as a National Federation or Association (NFA) member

Clubs across the country engaged in thoughtful debate over an Amendment put forward by CFUW St. Thomas, “Withdrawal of CFUW from Graduate Women International (GWI)”. CFUW members engaged in vigorous discussion on the amendment, which requires a 2/3 (66.6%) majority to pass. The amendment failed, with 55% voting to withdraw and 45% voting to remain as an NFA member.

Candidates Nominated by CFUW for Roles in GWI

Originally Susan Russell was nominated for the position of VP Governance, but she withdrew her name at the AGM.

The Delegates to attend the GWI Triennial Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2016 are:

  • Karen Dunnett
  • Cheryl Hayles
  • Liette Michaud
  • Brenda Robertson
  • Beryl Matthewson
  • Joy Hurst
  • Susan Murphy
  • Marianne Singh-Waraich
  • Sandy Millen
  • Hally Siddons
  • Carol Hare

Approved Motion

The following motion regarding CFUW delegates to the GWI Triennial was presented by the Board of Directors and passed with 81% of delegates voting in support.

  1. The voting delegation will support the candidates nominated by CFUW.
  2. The voting delegates will support CFUW positions.
  3. The delegation will reject the resolution, as written, for the fee increase.
  4. That the CFUW President and VP International Relations be given authority to caucus with delegates at the 32nd GWI Triennial Conference in Cape Town South Africa in August 2016.
  5. That the CFUW Delegation, operating with the caucus direction, be given discretionary leeway to vote collectively in the best interests of CFUW at the 32nd GWI Triennial Conference in Cape Town South Africa in August 2016.

Report of the Finance Committee

Helen Sami, Vice President Finance presented the Federation’s 2015/2016 Audited Financial Statements, and the proposed budget for the upcoming year. Motions to approve these documents were passed by delegates.

See the Finance Booklet for more information.

CFUW Charitable Trust Report

Ann McElhinney, Treasurer of the Charitable Trust, reported on the current status of the Trust.

Key Trust activities include the first competition for the CFUW Aboriginal Women’s Award, the launch of the new logo and public website, and the publication of their new brochure.

For more information access the CFUW Charitable Trust Annual Report here.

Charitable Trust Luncheon and Boutique

Jennifer McWhirter, recipient of the CFUW recipient of the CFUW 2010/11 Ruth Binnie Fellowship was the Charitable Trust speaker and gave a presentation on the influence of images on our knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. Jennifer captivated attendees with her discussion on gender stereotypes, expectations and beauty ideals, particularly as they pertain to women. You can access Jennifer’s PowerPoint presentation here.


Saturday evening attendees of the AGM and Conference were treated to a wonderful banquet, filled with great conversations and company. There were several special highlights that evening, including classic jazz music from The Shea D Bunch, featuring Peter Shea and Juliet Dunn, remarks from local politicians and leaders, and awards for our fantastic clubs.

From Club to Commons

Brenda Shanahan, former VP Quebec and presently Member of Parliament for Châteauguay?—?Lacolle spoke to members about the power of civic engagement, advocacy, and the journey to Parliament.


VP International Report
Cheryl Hayles, VP International gave a report on CFUW’s International activities over the last year, including CFUW participation in the 60th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. You can view her UNCSW PowerPoint here.

Advocacy Report
Teri Shaw, VP Advocacy, gave her report on the year’s advocacy, highlighting exciting meetings and campaigns that CFUW has been a part of nationally and locally. You can access her report here.

Membership Committee Report
Karen Dunnett, VP Membership, gave her report from the Membership Committee, highlighting the activities of clubs as well as the state of CFUW membership moving forward. You can access her presentation here.


2016 Membership Increase Awards

2016 New Member Awards

2016 Special Project Awards

2016 Fighting Violence Against Women Awards

2016 CFUW Mentorship Award

Recipient of 2016 CFUW Mentorship Award is Madeline Kalbach for her service as an excellent CFUW Mentor.

2016 Advocacy Awards

2016 Small Club Grant Recipients

2016 International Relations Award

Awarded to CFUW Salt Spring Island for The Hope Project – funding education of secondary school girls in developing countries since 2005.

2016 Library Award

Awarded to Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures.

Outgoing President’s Address, Doris Mae Oulton

Doris Mae Oulton gave an impassioned speech to members at the close of the Annual General Meeting. Doris Mae has spent years pouring passion, energy and ideas into CFUW, and our membership is proud to have had this fearless leader at the helm.

THANK YOU to the Board of Directors, Regional Directors and Standing Committee Chairs!

Incoming President’s Address, Karen Dunnett

Karen Dunnett of Shediac Cape, New Brunswick, was elected President of CFUW for 2016-2018. Ms. Dunnett has a B.A. and a B.Ed from Mount Allison University, and was a high school teacher at the beginning of her career. She has delved into private business, and contributes her time and efforts to community building through work on the Home & School Committee, Downtown Residents’ Association, Board of Directors of the Beaver Curling Club and the Moncton Branch of Save the Children Canada. Having been involved with CFUW since the 1980s, holding all executive positions within her club as well as on national committees, as Regional Director of New Brunswick, VP Atlantic and VP Membership, Karen is well prepared to lead our organization into the next two years. Welcome Karen!

To read Karen’s speech as incoming President, click here: ENGLISH / FRANÇAIS


Attendees joined in thanking the CFUW St. Catharines Local Arrangements Committee and the other volunteers for their hospitality and hard work in pulling together the 2016 AGM and Conference. Co-Chairs Monique DeJonghe and Gail Neff were presented with gifts for all their hard work in putting this fabulous AGM together.

Invitation to CFUW AGM Conference 2017 in Richmond, B.C.!

Join us from June 22 – 24, 2017 in Richmond, B.C. for our next CFUW AGM. The theme is Gateways/Passerelles. See the beauty, culture and excitement that Richmond has to offer. We hope to see you next year!

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