Administration Policy and Procedure

Administration Manual

The administration manual provides and overview of all the essential policies and procedures within CFUW. It is divided into the following sections:


This section outlines background for CFUW: organizational structure, mission, mandate, and strategic plan.

Volume One: CFUW Policies

This section outlines the organizational policies of CFUW as adopted by the CFUW Board of Directors and ratified by the CFUW eligible Voters.

Volume Two: Board Policies and Procedures

This section covers CFUW internal governance which is established either when there is:

  • Adoption of motions and recommendations from reports prepared for the Board of Directors.
  • Adoption of motions and recommendations adopted by the CFUW eligible voters.

Appendix One

This appendix includes relevant documents found elsewhere such as various Federal and Provincial legislation governing CFUW.

For comparison purposes, the various editions showing amendments are included here:

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