CFUW Committees

All CFUW Committee Chairs and Members serve for a two year term and are appointed at the beginning of each biennium by the new Board of Directors.

The Administration Handbook outlines the process by which some committees and chairs are named however a number are not defined. It also contains the job descriptions for the various committees. The Administration Handbook is found under Organizational Policies.

Committee chairs are appointed by the Board (not the president as was previously the case in some appointments).

List of Committees

Standing Committees, chaired by Board VPs

    • 1. Standing Committee on International Relations
    • 2. Standing Committee on Finance
    • 3. Standing Committee on Advocacy
    • 4. Standing Committee on Membership
    • 5. Standing Committee on Education

Standing Committees for which Chairs are appointed:

    • 8. Standing Committee on Articles and Bylaws
    • 9. Standing Committee on Nominations
    • 10. Standing Committee on Resolutions
    • 11. Standing Committee on Fellowships (appointed by the Charitable Trust)

Special Committees:

    • 12. Governance
    • 13. 100th Anniversary
    • 14. Human Resources


    • 15. Libraries and Creative Arts
    • 16. Status of Women
    • 17. Advocacy Policy Book Review

Other Board Appointments

    • United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
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