Board of Directors

​The Board of Directors provide leadership to the national federation. They are elected for a two year term (i.e. a biennium) and can serve on the Board for a maximum of 6 years. They meet regularly to discuss pertinent issues, pass motions, and provide general direction for the organization. The Board members also chair and serve on CFUW Committees, and most provincial/regional VPs are Presidents of their respective Provincial or Regional Councils, with the exception of the VP Prairies.

2020-2022 CFUW Board of Directors

Kathryn Wilkinson President
Barbara DuMoulin V.P. British Columbia
Heather Lewis V.P Ontario
Judy Hopps V.P. Quebec
Janet Willwerth V.P. Atlantic
 Victoria Grabb  V.P. Prairies
Beverely Rhodes V.P. Finance
Jeanette Mergens V.P. Advocacy
Lynne Kent V.P. Membership
Joy Hurst V.P. International Relations
Kathy Wosnick V.P. Education

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Forms and Documents

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