Board of Directors

​The Board of Directors provide leadership to the national federation. They are elected for a two year term (i.e. a biennium) and can serve on the Board for a maximum of 6 years. They meet regularly to discuss pertinent issues, pass motions, and provide general direction for the organization. The Board members also chair and serve on CFUW Committees, and most provincial/regional VPs are Presidents of their respective Provincial or Regional Councils, with the exception of the VP Prairies.

2018-2020 CFUW Board of Directors

? Grace Hollett President
? Barbara DuMoulin V.P. British Columbia
Patti Johnsen V.P. Prairies
? Sandy Thomson V.P Ontario
? Debbie Christiansen-Stowe V.P. Quebec
? Janet Willwerth V.P. Atlantic
? Vacant V.P. Finance
? Jeannette Mergens V.P. Advocacy
? Lynne Kent V.P. Membership
? Joy Hurst V.P. International Relations
? Kathryn Wilkinson V.P. Education

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Forms and Documents

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