This here is a custom menu area where I can create any menus you like.  I don’t currently have administrative privileges in WordPress, so I can’t modify the site menus, but this is an example of a sub-menu with additional items I could create.  This text would not be present in the new site.

This would be the title of any new sub-section here.

This is a custom post filter, which we can make show any content we like.  Right now it is filtering to all pages, but with some work, this can function for a sub-menu area like your old site.  This is option #1 for this area

This would be the image gallery option, with clickable links, (I’ve only modified the first two pictures) for if you always wanted a specific order to your links, and to be able to control them without editing tags.  This can also be made to pretty much resemble your old site if you like, and is the closest option to it. This is option #2 for this area.

You can pretty much make these sections anything you like, you just have to tell me how you’d like them laid out, or tell Osamu how they’re laid out, and he can do the same thing.  If you want him to make your sub-section menus like the old site, here are some options he could use.

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