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The Regional Directors, under the leadership of Grace Hollett, conducted a survey of CFUW Clubs this past year. The results indicated that the most utilized source of information for members were their own Club newsletters. Recognizing this, we are trying a new method of providing CFUW information to Clubs this year. Each month we will send copies of articles to the editors of Club newsletters, for their use. These are articles that we hope will be of interest to members and can be used, as editors see fit. There is no obligation to use these articles and they will be ‘stored’ on the CFUW admin website for use at any time.

If you have any questions about this services or suggestions for its content, please contact Doris Mae Oulton, VP Communications and Governance at We hope you find it useful.

Si vous voulez contribuer à la traduction ou à la révision de la traduction des articles, veuillez communiquer avec Liette Michaud, directrice de la région de Québec, à

Current Press Agency Documents

Title Size Description
January 2015 335.92 KB Study and Interest Groups “Icing on the Cake” by Dianne Rummery, CFUW Ottawa
Resolutions by Eleanor Scarth, CFUW Resolutions Chair
November 2014 455.47 KB The 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project Update #2 Lynn Franklin, Project Leader, 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project
CFUW Charitable Trust Fiorenza Albert-Howard, Chair, Charitable Trust

Archives of Press Agency Documents

Title Size Description
September 2014 600.95 KB CFUW and Canada’s Beijing +20 Review Tara Fischer, Advocacy Coordinator
Club Support Document Karen Dunnett, VP Membership
May 2014 145.62 KB CFUW Human Resources Committee
The CFUW History Project: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary
April 2014 244.99 KB Membership Tips: Plan to be Visible
100th Anniversary Plans
March 2014 230.99 KB Overhead-Administration Controversy
Small Clubs – do numbers count?
February 2014 402.23 KB How BC Planned and Implemented a Council-wide Project
Promoting a Healthy Club, Taking the Pulse of Your Club
Education for Women in Canada: an Ongoing Success Story (Part II)
January 2014 406.42 KB -The 2013 Highs and Lows for the Women’s Movement in Canada
-The 100th Anniversary Scholarship Project
-Education for Women in Canada: an Ongoing Success Story (Part I)
December 2013 372.32 KB -Sustainability
-Respectful Treatment Policy and Procedure
November 2013 322.61 KB -CFUW École Polytechnique Commemorative Award
-Charitable Trust FAQs
-Winner of the CFUW Memorial Award 2012
October 2013 222.98 KB -The Future of IFUW
-Opportunities for Involvement in Advocacy in CFUW
-National Day of Remembrance: December 6
-CFUW’s Part in Strengthening the Women’s Movement
-Communicating with Members using Facebook
September 2013 225.82 KB -Member Benefits/Affinity Programs
-New Beginnings: A Survey of Club Members
-How to Connect with Community Resources for Computer Literacy
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