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Looking for a specific document? You can find it in two ways. The first way is to use the Search function at the top right hand side of the page. For example, if you are looking for the Policy Book, type in those words and hit enter. The second way is to scroll down to the general subject, in this case, Advocacy and click on the word.

If your search does not result in finding the document you want, please contact Elizabeth Whyte, Member Services Coordinator at or call the toll- free number: 1-888-220-9606, extension 101.

Link(s) to page(s) Description
General Administration Administration manual(s), Policy, procedures, etc.
Annual General Meetings Annual General Meeting /DocumentRepository, both currrent and previous year(s).
Board Documents All board /DocumentRepository, Action Plan, Minutes, Strategic Plan, Organization charts etc.
Branding Tools Instructions and examples of the current CFUW Branding scheme.
Charitable Trust Charitable trust /DocumentRepository and financial reports.
Committee Documents Committee documents and reports.
Finance Documents Financial and budget reports.
Regional Director Documents Regional director’s executive guides, toolkits and supplementary reads.
Resolution Documents Proposed resoultions, amendments and guidline /DocumentRepository
Press Agency Current and previous issues of the Press Agency newsletter.
Clubs and Councils Provincial council bylaws and constitutions.
Fellowships Fellowship and award winners for the current and previous year(s).
Advocacy Advocacy documents.
GWI GWI – Graduate Women International
GWI Going Forward GWI Going Forward Documents
List of documents Alphabetical list of all documents currently in the repository.
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