CFUW National Office Staff – Who Does What

There are 4.5 staff members at the CFUW National Office.

Rachal Deneault – Member Engagement Coordinator


Toll free number: 1-888-220-9606 or

Phone: 613 – 234-8252 x 101

Reacheal provides certificates to Clubs for such events as Club anniversaries; she sends out all the Club supplies and CFUW merchandise items; formats and distributes all of the CFUW publications- Club Action News and the Communicator. She assists members who need help in using the branding materials and/or where to find things on the CFUW websites; helps members with computer issues in website access; works with Clubs on how to enter membership numbers on the membership site and responds to general inquiries. She organizes all CFUW webinars.  She is responsible for working on the young working women initiative. She leads the work on developing websites for those Clubs which do not have a site.


Betty Dunlop – Fellowships Manager

Phone: 613 – 234-8252 x 104


Betty manages the fellowships and awards applications process – roughly 400 a year. She oversees the volunteers who help organize the applications; manages the Fellowships Committee meetings where decisions are made on the awards. Betty works on developing relations with Canadian and international universities; helps develop new fellowships and awards; and liaises with the Charitable Trust to support them in their work; finds the speaker for the Charitable Trust event at the AGM and prepares the credentials materials for the AGM.


Yasmin Strautins – Advocacy Coordinator

Phone: 613 – 234-8252 x 106


Yasmin monitors all national and international advocacy issues related to women’s issues and works closely with partner organizations on joint events and campaigns.  She: follows legislation and policies related to our national priorities and brings issues for action to the attention of the Board and members; attends relevant House of Commons and Senate Committee meetings and consultations; writes letters, briefs, and press releases for the President’s signature; works with the resolution committee; and prepares the post-resolution advocacy package each fall for the Clubs. She also provides advocacy support to Clubs when needed, and prepares advocacy materials for the Club Action newsletter.


Johanne Gauthier – Accounting  

Phone: 613 -234-8252 x 107


Johanne works part time on accounting for CFUW.


Robin Jackson  –  Executive Director

Phone: 613 – 234-8252 x 102


Robin provides support to the Board in preparing documentation and policy papers for board meetings; provides support to the Finance and Governance committees;  manages the national office; handles personnel matters; prepares finance reports and budget forecasts; works with the local arrangement committees (LAC) to organize the AGMs and takes on any task that falls between the cracks in the office. If there is uncertainty about who to contact about an issue, please contact Robin.




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