Title of Project / Event: CFUW Abbotsford Soup Sisters

Event / Project:
In the Fall of 2014 CFUW Abbotsford decided that as part of our Anti-Poverty project, we would like to support the Warm Zone in Abbotsford in a more concrete manner. In the past, we had written to our MLA’s to support this project in our community. The Warm Zone is a unique project in Abbotsford that supports street entrenched women. It provides counselling, HIV treatment, access to health care professionals, a safe place to store their items while they take a shower or have a nap. As well, they provide food which is largely donated by members of the community. The CFUW Soup Sisters provide hearty soup on a weekly basis from October to May. As well, our club supports the Warm Zone through donations that are gathered at each meeting. Several of our members shop for necessary items such as socks, underwear, personal hygiene items, and fresh food. We have six teams composed of three members that prepare soup throughout the year.
Number of Club Members: 60

Number of Club Members involved in organizing the Project / Event: 2-3 Total number of participants in Project / Event: 18

How did the Project/ Event raise CFUW’s Visibility in the Community?
The Warm Zone is a subsidiary of the Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley. This Society is very aware of our contribution. We have raised awareness of the needs of the Warm Zone in our own club and through our involvement many of our friends and acquaintances have become more aware of this program. As well, I think it’s fair to say that this project has attracted new members to our club who are interested in advocacy and social justice

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