Mentorship Award

The Mentorship Award is given to a CFUW/FCFDU individual member(s), group, or club in good standing in recognition of efforts in mentoring women and/or girls in the STEAM fields and Politics. This Award also recognizes mentorship to women who have assumed a portfolio of responsibility within the organization.

Please note that the award will not be given in 2019.

CFUW Award 2018 Winner

This year’s recipient Dr. Shelley Ball, CFUW Perth and District, is a tireless supporter of CFUW and its mission, vision and values. Since 2015, she has been a CFUW mentor, working closely with young women in the area of STEM. As an accomplished Scientist in Biology (Evolutionary Ecology and Population Genetics), she is a role model for aspiring young women who are reaching for the top. Congratulations to Dr. Ball on her contributions to women’s empowerment!

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