CFUW Creative Arts Award

The CFUW Creative Arts Award was created to promote interest and involvement in the creative arts by engaging audiences and inspiring discussion. The amount of the award is normally $4,000 and is set by the CFUW Charitable Trust budget. It is awarded biennially.

Please note that each submission must be nominated by a CFUW Club local to the applicant.

The next award will be presented in 2021.

The winners of the 2019 Award were:

  • CFUW Abbotsford and the Reach Gallery Museum
  • CFUW 100th Anniversary St. Johns and the Persistence Theatre


  • CFUW Nelson and District and Kutenai Art Therapy Institute
  • CFUW North Toronto and Street Health
  • CFUW Calgary and Pumphouse Theatres
  • CFUW Perth and Stewart Park Festival
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